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Cleaning Process
What you expect American Carpet Cleaning Technicians to do for your Upholstery:
Pre-inspection and pre-testing. Pre-test each piece of upholstery to determine the best cleaning method,
Pre-groom contact area. Helps loosen dirt and improves vacuum cleaning efficiency,
Pre-vacuum. Thoroughly vacuum the entire piece of upholstery, including crevices, to remove dry, loose soil,
Pre-treat spots and stains when needed,
Pre-apply cleaning solution. Spray on the cleaning solution, allowing it time to work on the soil,
Rinse extract with clear water. Apply clear water to the fabric, then extract the water along with the loosened soil and the cleaning solution, leaving the fabric free of residue. This helps the upholstery stay cleaner longer and repel soil,
Treat spots and stains as needed. Any spots that need more work are spotted after cleaning, further ensuring that dirt has been removed. Groom upholstery. A soft brush is used to align the fabric.
Cleaning Process for Upholstery
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