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Your hardwood floors are among your most valuable asset, so why would you leave the hardwood floor refinishing to just anyone? A nonprofessional might use the wrong sander, sand your valuable hardwood floor the wrong way, or leave the sander in just one spot on your hardwood flooring. The result is the same: A damaged hardwood floor and your investment down the drain. Hardwood floors are as much as three times the cost of carpeting, so you're going to want someone professional to refinish that hardwood floor.

Fortunately, you can relax because American Carpet Cleaning refinishes your hardwood flooring at the best hardwood floor refinishing prices. Our work is guaranteed. Whether your hardwood floor needs repairing, sanding, restoring, staining, finishing or refinishing, our professional technicians are experts. If your hardwood flooring is maple, oak, redwood, pine or parquet, we're ready to do the professional job you demand and expect.

When we arrive at your home or office, we thoroughly inspect your hardwood flooring to check for, among other things, nails and type of wood. We talk to you and discover the hardwood flooring's history: how long you've owned it, how often you ask for hardwood floor refinishing, if you have pets that run around your hardwood floor, etc. Then we choose the right sander with the right coarseness. When we're finished, we'll completely clean up the dust. You won't know we were there unless you examine your hardwood floor. Don't worry, we'll protect your investment.

American Carpet Cleaning recommends having your hardwood floors refinished every 12-18 months. We also refinish other hardwood floorings. Stairs, staircases, mantles, railings, doors and kitchen cabinets are some of the hardwood we'll refinish. And we'll do it at the best hardwood floor refinishing prices.


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